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A console application for backing up an Subversion (SVN) repository. It uses svnadmin to dump the contents of a repository and optionally zips the results.

The application compiles down to one executable.

This project depends on Subversion and .NET Framework 3.5 during run-time. The source includes ConsoleFX to bind command line parameters to an object, System.Diagnostics.Process for running svnadmin and CSharpZipLib for zipping up the results.

Command line help messages looks like this:

SVN Backup for .NET

Backs up (or 'dumps') an SVN repository to a file using svnadmin

svnbackup <svn path> <repository path> <dump file> -f -z

-f interpret dump file specified as formatted utilizing symbols {stamp} and/or {name}. Default: false
-z enables zipping of the dump file. Default: false

NOTE the command line grammar suits my purposes, but you can easily change it thanks to ConsoleFX.

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